10 Bertal Road
Toronto, ON M6M 4M4
416 766-9471
Our art staff can create artwork based on your ideas or sketches. you can also submit your own designs for us to produce.
If you provide hand drawn art please make it black and white outlines only. If need provided an additional colour copy. We can accept artwork created by a variety of art work programs and in several image file formats. To save time and to avoid errors it is very important that you read below or speak with our art department before creating any artwork via computer for submission.

If you send us artwork in one of the formats listed below - we will have to recreate it in order for it to be camera-ready. (An artwork charge will apply)

.JPEG .GIF .PPT (Powerpoint)
.PCX (Paintbrush) .DOC (MS-Word) .PSD (Photoshop)
.CPT (Photopaint)

Please limit your attachment size to under 2 megs total. This will ensure that we get your email. Also, please have patience. Depending upon your connection speed, or current usage of the Internet, it may take several minutes to upload your file(s).

While our upload application gets a good overhaul,
please send all images as email
attachment(s) to

Acceptable Formats (vector)
  • CorelDraw X3 or earlier (.cdr)
  • Adobe Illustrator 9 or earlier (.ai, .eps)
  • Adobe Acrobat 7 (.pdf)
Please note
  • earlier versions of software are supported
  • include all of the needed fonts orconvert your text to curves.

Problems sending the attachment email? Please use the below link and send your own email.